Pamela On Tour 2017………..Onwards

The voyage of Pamela, the Ron Holland designed Discovery 55, is one of exploring places far and wide throughout the Oceans of the World.

We start our journey from DunLaoghaire harbour, Dublin, on August the 12th and sail South to the Canaries, stopping off in France, Spain and Portugal along the way.

There then follows a Transatlantic crossing with the ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers) fleet to St. Lucia in the Caribbean.

In January 2018 we transit the Panama Canal with the World ARC having left St. Lucia and visited Santa Marta in Columbia and the San Blas Islands. We enter the Pacific Ocean which opens the door to some of the most beautiful cruising grounds in the World.

A 3,000 mile passage from the Galapagos Islands to French Polynesia should have us firmly set in the lifestyle of the wandering sailor.

We arrive in Hiva Oa and begin a few weeks cruising throughout the Marquesas. These islands have spectacular scenery with high volcanic mountains rising steeply from the sea and most of them are covered in lush vegetation. We then sail on to Nuka Hiva and meet up with fellow sailors for some fun and relaxation.

The Tuamotu Islands present a very different landscape to the Marquesas. They can offer some challenging navigation because they are very low lying and usually can only be seen when you are quite close to them and at that it’s the palm trees swaying in the trade wind which you usually see first.

We’ll spend a month cruising in the Tuamotus and Society Islands and have another rendezvous in Bora Bora before sailing on towards Suwarrow, Cook Islands, Niue and Tonga.

We clear out towards the Lau Group and Fiji before continuing on to Vanuatu.

We then have to decide whether to go to Mackay in Australia and cruise down the East coast towards Sydney before crossing the Tasman Sea to New Zealand or else go directly to New Zealand from Vanuatu .

We plan to spend the Summer months in New Zealand cruising around and lifting Pamela out of the water for anti-fouling and some general maintenance before heading North again to the South Pacific islands.

I have offered our services to ‘Sea Mercy’, an organization which uses volunteer yachts to bring doctors, dentists and medical supplies etc. to some of the remote islands which only have visits from supply ships a few times a year. The plan is to spend a few months during the Winter helping this very worthwhile charity.

Thereafter our plan is to rejoin the World Arc Organisation in Darwin in late August 2019 and sail towards Lombok, 1,000 miles away, in Indonesia, in early September.

After a short stay and some sightseeing, we sail out into the Indian Ocean and head for Christmas Island and Cocos (Keeling) islands which are Australian. This leg is over 1,100 miles and generally sailing conditions are excellent.

There is then a long leg of 2,300 miles to Mauritius, then Reunion and eventually arriving in Richards Bay, South Africa a further 1,500 miles away..

We’ll cruise down the East Coast, picking our weather carefully and arrive in Cape Town for Christmas.

In January  2020 we set out across the South Atlantic, possibly stopping off at St. Helena (weather permitting) before travelling on to Salvador.

We’ll be in Brazil for the carnival and will slowly make our way Northwards back to the Caribbean where we’ll finish the World Tour back in St. Lucia. By then we should have completed almost 40,000 miles.

After that, who knows where Pamela will turn towards……North America or back to Europe.